Stockholm 59° Norths long awaited and anticipated project A/ Symmetry started and had it´s outdoor premiere in august 2019 at Vitabergsparken, in Stockholm for Parkteatern.

Thru out the spring of 2019 the two choreographers, Helena Franzén and Mari Carrsaco, started to work on their creations `Terra and ´Everything will collapse in the end` together with the dancers.

Along side with the new collaboration Stockholm 59° North has with Beckmans College of Design and three of their newly examinated students, Julia Correia de Verdier, Felicia Halén Fredell och Robert Jonsson, to create costumes for the two pieces. Read more  >>

Project adviser from Beckmans, Annika Berner.

Dance costume advisers, Elsie Britt Lidström och Anita Darmark.

The performance A/ Symmetry is created around female artists, natures impact and the somewhat asymmetry that can occur at times.


´Terra` Photo: Håkan Jelk

´Everything will collapse in the end´Photo: Mats Lindgren

Costume project with Beckmans Photo: Mats Lindgren