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First-class dance is an enormously powerful art form. Ask ten different people who have seen the same performance, and you get ten different interpretations. Movement is a very important element in human nature, and Stockholm 59° North’s ambition is to hit precisely the right creative spot that moves the audience. We are a group of dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet who are touring in Sweden and abroad, mainly with new creations from Swedish choreographers….

Soloists of the Royal Swedish Ballet

Stockholm 59°North is made of dancers from the 237-year-old Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm which encourages and supports the endeavors of Stockholm 59°North. Our name reflects our roots in a centuries-old tradition of vibrant dance and an ambition to explore the world – and to create a new audience for Swedish dance.

Stockholm 59º North till Parkteatern

August 14th and 16th 19.00 in Vitabergsparken

SANS SABLE Koreografi: Joakim Stephenson Musik: Nyman/Levin Kostym: Linn Wara Medverkande: Nathalie Nordquist, Calum Lowden, Daria Ivanova och AdiLiJiang Abudureheman.

ONE Koreografi: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Musik: JacobTV Kostym: Anna Kjellsdotter Medverkande: Minji Nam och Dawid Kupinski

SERIOUS REFRAIN Koreografi: Jerome Marchand Musik: Jerome Marchand Kostym: Anna Kjellsdotter Medverkande: Daniel Norgren-Jensen, Daria Ivanova, Ross Martinson och Johnny McMillan.


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